Produk Wangian Penggoda Lelaki : MYSTIQUE SWISS



Kod Produk : MYSTQ | Harga : Rm69.90



Specification: 10 ml



5mg of Copulins
3mg of Estratetraenol
2mg of Androstenol
3mg of Androsterone
3mg of Androstadienone
Aloe Barbadensis Gel
Purified Water
e 10ml 0.34 FL.OZ.
Gel Atomizer




Mystique is a hormone copulins Swiss to attract men. As we know, the pheromone is a hormone that can attract people. Man attracted to each other depending on hormonal factors. If you have a unique aura of scent hormone, you are sure to make anyone fall in love with you. Use of this hormone to lure the man you love. All men will melt with your scent! Try the Swiss Mystique today too!

Still less understanding about pheromones?
Pheromone is a cell hormone that can only be in effect by the organ in the nose called the VNO (Vomeronasal). When the VNO organ detect the presence of pheromone, it in turn will send signals to the brain sexual response thus making the environment how close you are to become more positive and more friendly.

Benefit from the use of Swiss Mystique.

* More “Eye Contact” and a smile from the man
* Men are more fascinated by its lure you
* Expect More Dates and Better Still-More Sex!
* Heighten Love Making Prowess
* Men always want to front-line / chat with you
* Increase the “Self Confidence” you
* Get more “Respect” from other women
* More success in business and everyday communication

Swiss Mystique is a hormone of the most powerful male decoy ever produced by the laboratory. It examines scientist for 20 years in the study and isolation of active ingredients copulins 2 years in developing advanced technology that is safe and effective. Swiss Mystique is far superior to any product fragrant carrot and seducer of men.

Mystique Swiss products has shown – in a study conducted on humans – it has the effect of the decoy and teaser 5 times stronger than other products in the market. Swiss Mystique act quickly to send signals to the VNO (nerve sensors nose) and activate the human sense of smell and brain cells without disrupting the respiratory system and without disturbing emotions. It sends signals and the seductive aura of carrot, then catch the attention of people around you more effectively once. The smell of human hormone copulins will feel calm, peaceful, confident, fun, and be more positive. The study also showed that men who smell of Swiss Mystique will be a little excited.






Cara Belian & Pembayaran

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Nama : Saiful
Nama Bank : Maybank Berhad
Acc No : 1o5o19751614

Perhatian : Pembayaran melalui Maybank2u sahaja, anda di galakan membuat lebihan bayaran
sebanyak 1, 2 @ 3 sen. Ini untuk memudahkan kami mengesan bayaran tempahan anda.

2. Simpan segala bukti transaksi pembayaran anda.
(Simpan sehingga anda menerima barangan anda)

3. Sms / Call : O19-222 8989
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